Assets can include gold, silver, precious metals, gas, coal, timber, clean water, farmland and other commodities. Innovation affordably up-values products made from specific commodities into the marketplace using best available technologies (BAT) that optimize food, energy, health and financial security while greatly reducing or altogether eliminating unwanted emissions and pollutants during their manufacture. Yes, we can be more green, more efficient and more profitable at the same time

Consider this example: when coin and token holders choose to fractionally acquire valuable
farmland, with the click of a button they may opt for remediated and restored land free from
harmful chemical inputs and pesticide residues. Fully organic produce and more robust, healthy crops and livestock generate more revenue, hold more value and require fewer annual inputs. We also spend less on healthcare.

Individuals are free to choose what percentage of each token they wish to hold in wealth storage assets, and may choose to up-value a percentage of their coin from market sales of commodityderived products.

For example, we acquire gas reserves and fractionally offer ownership to token holders. Rather than combust to power and heat we apply state-of-the-art technology to convert the gas to higher value products. Natural gas and coal convert to high-value fertilizers. Likewise, timber waste converts to biogas & activated carbon that provide green fuels and enable potable water. The products are sold into the market, and you share in the profits pro rata. In this way, you can hold wealth, realize increased value and support best-for-mankind technologies– all from the same token.  

MyOneBank.io will only offer coins and tokens on those real assets under full control of the bank. No pegs. No shorts. No derivatives. No fiat. 100% hard assets only.  

Individuals, corporations and government may all participate transparently, fairly and equally with the same immutable rights and rules for all on a decentralized, level playing field.  These features are all hardwired into the smart contract beforehand and cannot be changed by anyone. The value choices each one makes through their tokens engender real competition in the marketplace and continuously generate tangible value for the benefit of all participants.  

Proprietary Technologies

Two-thirds of all manufactured products in the world use chemical conversion technologies at their core to create more than $30 trillion dollars in value each year.

MyOneBank.io’s technology partners have developed and continue to develop far more efficient conversion processes in a wide range of uses.

•  For industrial manufacturing, this means highly-efficient, localized systems that affordably create products (and jobs) far more efficiently with liGle or no unwanted emissions. Locally produced products are far less subject to supply chain disrup=ons and global tyranny.

•  For healthcare, this means continuing our developments in providing cuting-edge, affordable products and services that support and optimize human health without toxicity. We obtain far more benefit and value working with our immune systems than peddling toxic substances that favor corporate profit at the expense of optimal human health.

Solving-for-one means developing and implemening technologies that best support our continued existence on this planet. MyOneBank.io was designed to bring these technologies to market providing real competition for a competive portion of that $ 30 trillion market. By offering frachionalized ownership of wealth storage and wealth creation in a distributed and autonomous organizaton (DAO), individuals can directly participate in and profit from human-first products and services that have historically been controlled by a self-interested few.

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